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Have you ever wondered if there was a better way to live your life after working so much but still not making enough to live the life you want or just constantly missing out on family events?

Well I did.


Lydia and I had had enough! The thought of working 45+ years or more for someone else, building their dreams, at the expense of our own, just never sat well with me. You mean the employer gets the vast majority of our time from Monday to Friday and all we get is the weekends and we do this until we’re 65-70 years old!? With rising job losses and family members being made redundant we knew this traditional employment model was broken and was never going to allow us to live the life we wanted. What about our dreams? We never seemed to have enough time for family, let alone each other. Not enough income in retirement, if we were “lucky enough” to even get that far and not be made redundant, we knew there had to be a better way. We had to have a “Plan B”.

Insert that call none of us ever wanted to get. Network Marketing. When I got started in network marketing, I was a busy finance professional and focused on property investment. Actually, it was my wife’s ‘home business thing’ and took me months to ‘join in’ because I couldn’t figure out the business model…it seemed ‘schemey’ to me, and I didn’t like the many ‘salesy’ type approaches I’d received in the past… Can you relate?

Anyway, once I had an amazing product experience and saw some financial success around me, I decided to have a ‘proper look’ and was comfortable enough with how it worked. Then I began to get excited about all the money I’d be making! Hey, I could even quit my job if it worked. This was something I longed for and invested so heavily in property to hope to achieve….(but borrowing so much $$$ has huge risks!).

Needless to say…it didn’t turn out the way I expected 🙂

Here’s the thing. I was new and had no idea what I was doing so I leaned HEAVILY on those that I thought did know. I listened to their every word of advice and tried to model them to the TEE! “They get results so they must know what to do.”

As a result, ineffective behavior got duplicated, it was only “old school” network marketing, and the worst part was…nobody thought twice about it.

Until now.

Looking back on it, I wished there was someone who showed me that I didn’t have to be an “old school” network marketer “lemming” to make it in this industry. Pounding the pavement, going to networking events after exhausting friends and family..there had to be a better way?! If so many leaders are successful, there must be a way to get there!

I continued to build old school, offering our products to improve people’s lives. We had created a small team that was active and growing.

I began to dig, reading everything I could, coaching, professional courses, listening to podcasts, searching online, learning from people that had achieved what I wanted.

Guess what?

I discovered online Attraction Marketing!

Sounds great in concept right? If you provide value to the market people will come to you.

I learned that with proper training, I can still be who I am at the core, by providing value – build online by using social media, save time, and still magnetize a following…rather than be someone I’m not and be left with nobody.

Our business then started growing rapidly. We still build business traditionally, however adding online, having people actively seek us out, lets us enjoy more freedom with our family and creates the speed necessary to create personal momentum.

Owning your own home business will never be a ‘start now’ and you’ll be an instantly successful deal. I don’t think any business is.

What I can tell you from our experience is that success loves speed. You get speed from focusing on a clear strategy.

It is possible to create a thriving home business in a small amount of time, as long as you are willing to invest in yourself.

Clear strategy, training, hard work and following a mentor who is already successful.

The benefits of using my strategies include:

  • Growing your following on Facebook by providing VALUE
  • Build your list of prospects
  • ATTRACT prospect to you
  • Once people know, like and trust you, offer your primary opportunity
  • After you’ve achieved success, what if you could easily duplicate this with team members to grow your expanding team?

So that’s what I can help you to do.


My Purpose Driven Life is to have a positive impact on as many lives as possible, starting with my wife and child.

Having battled so hard to find strategies that worked. I want you too, to be able to spend those precious moments building memories with your loved ones rather than missing family events and spending countless hours trying to build your home business using old-school methods and ineffective methods online.

I love helping others achieve their success and have so much to share!

No one can predict your results, only you can be in charge of your destiny. Consider this…what would your life be like if you could achieve your dreams? would you like to be part of a larger movement of achieving and sharing success so others can too?

I look forward to being a part of your journey, big or small in any way.


You know my MISSION today, why I do what I do, is I look to help other people who are just like me, where you were SICK of prospecting friends and family, holding home meetings and prospecting strangers, even spending hours on social media and can’t ever sponsor anyone, tired of the constant rejection and frustration

From my Purpose Driven Life, it is my MISSION to show you how you can take control back. You too can have many options, choices, and joys of life! I want to help you by providing value, to attract people to you and build online by using social media.

Sharing with you what has worked for me through training on my blog, inside the products I recommend as well, and latest best practices on Social Media to stay ahead of the game.

My advice is to Focus and Dive In!

Commit and Don’t look back

I wish you all the success possible for you too in this industry. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

Yours in value,


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  • Ahmad Ballard

    Hello John, nice to meet you. I have made a decision to join WA and learn how to build a successful business online from the comfort of your own home. My dream is to live the life that I desire, and never have to rely on the 9-5 dead end job ever again. I have enjoyed reading about your bio, and the purpose of your website. I wish you the best of luck!!!

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