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The Proven Blueprint to Skyrocket Your Facebook Attraction and Sponsor People with Ease in Network Marketing.

Facebook Magic Formula is unlike anything your audience has ever seen or read before when it comes to using Facebook Attraction and sponsoring to build a network marketing or MLM business.

This is NOT a book for people who want to continue to do business the "hard way." For those who want to spend all their time making calls, aimlessly present their opportunity to uninterested prospects and driving all around just to try to make a dollar, deal with attrition and countless rejection all while getting average results in their business...this is NOT for them.

It IS for those who want to build an unshakable business grounded in loyalty, trust, and genuine, authentic connections with those they partner with through leveraging Facebook. For those who want to become leaders in this industry by sponsoring people with ease.

Facebook Magic Formula reveals, step-by-step, the best practices of how to be “social” on social media to attract and find those quality leads to drive growth in MLM businesses.

If your audience is tired of chasing their prospects around (friends and family included), playing the numbers game, and getting burnt out from constantly having to spend exhausting hours trying to "get people" the old way and the constant rejection, then  Facebook Magic Formula is exactly what they’ve been looking for.

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