WARNING: Facebook Magic Formula Mastermind Is Strictly Limited To A Small Group At A Time

I'm Looking for a Few More of My:

If That's You...I Will Personally Work With You...To help you learn how to attract prospects, to build and grow your business and Master all this!  Then if you really want to build your business to the next level, you'll learn and build your following and your personal brand. 


Hey, John Stanley here.

Now, the adventure that you and I are gonna be taking over the next month will be absolutely life changing.  I say that with FULL confidence because the strategies you will learn to implement, and the lessons I’m gonna share, have already changed mine.

With that said, I know you wouldn’t have made it to this page without being extremely serious about creating lasting change in your business...and I’m super excited for you that you feel that way.

I’ve realized in life and in business that any time i’ve had a mentor walk with me and guide me through growing pains I’ve always accelerated my learning 10x compared to not having anyone at all.  It wouldn’t be fair if I didn’t at least offer that to you.  So, here’s the last offer you’ll see from me before officially beginning our journey together.

At this moment you currently have access to:

  • 1 x 30 minute 1 on 1 Facebook Magic Formula Strategy Session (where we’ll cover any content of major importance to implementing for your success - your questions, getting your branding right, and anything else we have time for).
  • A FULL 31 Days of UNLIMITED email access to me for any questions you may have - after our call together, you’ll implement the strategies we talked about. If situations arise that you weren’t sure how to handle e.g. content ideas, posting, follow ups etc. or if you think that if you did it a little better or differently you would’ve gotten better engagement and leads - you can email me immediately and I will personally coach you on how to approach the situation so that you make it happen next time!
  • You invested $27 for this when it normally retails for $197/month to the public.

But this is what I’m offering to you right now (this ONE TIME only):

  • 6 Additional Strategy Sessions

These are flexible strategy sessions, book 2 this week, 2 next week, 2 next month, doesn’t matter to me...its what we determine together is best for your success. You’ll be learning how to attract prospects, to building and growing your business. Here we’ll have additional time to cover:

  • really expanding with your content, posting, getting engagement and leads
  • getting you skilled at attraction marketing
  • getting your Facebook Fan page up and attracting too
  • getting you online leads to offline in the right way
  • the current scripts and presentations you use now (and how we can refine them) as well as advice on your dialogue process you can use when offering your opportunity.

So if you’re the person that wants to hash out the situations through voice to voice instead of through email, this bonus option will work great for you.

  • A FULL 3 months of unlimited email access to me with any questions you may have!

 That’s 3 months of me and you working side by side, of insight, coaching, and refining to help you get to greater levels of success in your business and life.

  • A FULL 3 months of access to our exclusive Private Facebook Community,

where you and others can share your post ideas, further questions, learn from others, and access additional resources only available to our Facebook Group.

  • Yes you can join our active community of like-minded people to help you blast to success without you doing all the work.
  • The different things you’ll learn here in our exclusive Private Facebook Community combined with your unique skillset can enable you to:
  • Start your own training program one day
  • Learn how top MLM earners are using Facebook Groups for recruiting and duplication systems and implement this for your success.
  • You can get in on the ground floor…..I’ll roll out more training in our Private Facebook Group and you’ll get continually evolving value as new members join the ranks, strength grows in numbers and the possibilities are endless.

If you really want to build your business to the next level, you must build your following. To build your following you need to build your personal brand. Live video is the fastest way to build your personal brand, you will stand out from your friends and create even more curiosity, establish yourself as an authority in your business and attract leads like clockwork. Quite simply:

  • FACEBOOK LIVE = More Post Views
  • More Post Views = More Leads

All of this...for just $297!  Get Total Access Now

Like I said, my monthly coaching will feature 1, 30 Minute Facebook Magic Formula Strategy Session and unlimited email access which will retail at $197/month.  For this offer, you get so much more...3 months of coaching that’s a total of $591! PLUS you’ll be getting in on the ground floor for extra Private Facebook Group access for ALL that time.  I’m giving you those 3 months of calls and unlimited email access, Private Facebook Group access for $297...that’s a savings of $294 for UNLIMITED mentorship.  Plus bonus $47 “Essential Facebook Live Hacks”, saving you $341 in total!  

With the skills you develop and implement for your own business, you can grow your business to new heights! so this small investment of $297 can EASILY pay for itself before your 3 months are up. Having someone of experience to coach you for this long at your disposal practically ensures your success.  If you pass on this offer you will likely say “what if I had hired John as my own personal advisor?”.  

Listen guys: I still have my own business too, so considering the TON of value here, and how intensive and hands-on this training is, I can only accept so many participants to ensure MAXIMUM results for those that join. When I feel I've reached that limit, I will have to pull this offer.

Take advantage of this offer. Save some money, and you can do that by clicking the yes link below. You'll be billed immediately for $297 and that's it. You will not be billed again, and you are on this adventure with me for the next 3 months.

Until recently I had greatly underestimated the value of mentorship.  I was the lone wolf, wanting to do things on my own and by myself.  I took pride in it.  But I quickly realised that all I was doing in months of hard work was trying to reinvent the wheel.  I was making all the same mistakes that people had made before me and trying to “figure out” things that had already been “figured out”.  I eventually came across a quote from Oprah, of all people, and began to rethink my strategy.

Regardless of your opinion of Oprah, her success and impact is unrivalled.  Yet, even with all of her accomplishments she had this to say about mentorship:

Mentors are important and I don’t think anybody makes it in the world without some form of mentorship.

I’m offering you the opportunity to have a mentor in this journey to building the business you’ve always thought possible and without the risk of spending thousands of dollars (and precious time) to do so. There’s very little risk, but very HIGH potential reward. After all, you can always make more money, but you can’t make more time.

If you're accepted... then the Facebook Magic Formula Group Community will become your family...  

And you will become part of our "Facebook Magic Formula Mastermind."



John and Lydia Stanley
Author, Facebook Magic Formula
Network Marketers and Trainers