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First of all Congratulations on Joining the Facebook Magic Formula Community!

I know you’re excited to dive into “Facebook Magic Formula” and start learning the skills and insights you need to help explode your business using Facebook (I would be too).  But, before you do, I wanted to offer you, the action taker, a simple shortcut that will help you grow with your business much faster!

If the idea of having personal coaching and mentoring to accelerate your success interests you then please read the quick description below.  If you’re not interested in accelerated learning and 1 on 1 coaching and the eBook is all you came for then scroll to the bottom and click the “No thank you” link.  Please keep in mind the information on this page is a LIMITED TIME OFFER...just a heads up

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Where You'll Receive Direct Access to John Stanley for Just $27

You've just made a GREAT investment.

I can't wait for you to dive into the material. But before you do... I thought you might be interested in getting results even faster and easier.

I know that some people prefer to have one-on-one help, so I want to offer it for those who want it.


  • You're seeking someone who can walk you through the process from start to finish...
  • You're more of a hands-on kind of person and it would be nice to have someone that you could directly ask questions to...
  • You want a proven coach to practically sit beside you and guide you through every step



This is an opportunity for Network Marketers who want to shorten your learning curve even more so you are able to start to both attract and generate your own qualified prospects on Facebook within the first few weeks of consistent and focused effort. Getting feedback will be invaluable to your success.

You’ll have access to…

  • Unlimited email access to me on with all your questions for a month!
  • A dedicated 30 Minute 1 on 1 strategy session to guide you on how to implement this process in your business
  • Access to key insights that you can’t find anywhere else
  • Any questions you have will be answered
  • Anything you don’t understand will be clarified
  • All the guidance you need in your first month, will be provided

If you’re serious about implementing these higher level strategies in your network marketing business, I’ll take you under my wing and guide you through the process outlined in the book.

You could definitely read the book and implement several of the strategies on your own.

Or you can take advantage of coaching that will help you process and implement these strategies much more quickly.

This isn’t another of those “free calls” that you get sucked into only to have them trying to sell you multiple other products and services...this is one on one FOCUSED coaching.

This "Facebook Magic Formula" strategy call and month of email access is simple.

It's not the $197/month you'd expect to pay for weekly training from other "gurus"

In fact, it's just $27 one time!. There's no contract or recurring investment and you can cancel anytime.

Here’s the rundown:


… And will receive the HIGHEST level of training even when others will pay upwards of $197 per month for it in the future.

Simple and refreshing - just the way it should be.

That's just $0.87 a day for a month. What does $0.87 buy you today?

Not much. Not even a cup of coffee anymore.

Yet you get your own mentor and coach taking you by the hand to guide you on the road to Facebook success...for just $0.87 a day for One month.

Compare that to everyone else...who asks you to take all the risk...and often pay $197 or more per month for their theory.


If you don't feel the package is worth MUCH MORE than $27 then simply ask for a full refund within 30 days of what you paid.

Your money will be fully refunded...and you have NOTHING to return.

If I don't knock it out of the park in our time together (in our one 30 minute coaching call and 1 month of unlimited email access), feel free to cancel at any time.

And you came out $170 ahead on the deal.

You simply CANNOT LOSE...

I can hear you say “if the material is THAT good, why do you make your price so low?” Easy.

This information is crucial to be in your hands AND I understand that we need to build trust.

But I have to warn you, the price will be going up to $197 per month online.

So the only way to guarantee this low monthly price is to join NOW as you will NEVER see this price again - no hype no B.S.

Soon this will be offered as part of a $197 per month package but right now

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So, you decide.

You go at it alone - (see where that takes you) or you can have access to a coach that’s agonised over this information and is deeply committed to help you blast to success without you doing all the work.

So Is this the year you FINALLY master these business strategies that are proven to help you double or even triple your team size and income?!?

In just a few short months from now YOU could be the one reflecting on your record year, and marvelling at what you have accomplished. Start today.

So register now, join us, and don't kick yourself later for missing out!

I'm excited to help you make this your BEST business year ever.

Best Wishes,

John Stanley, CEO Dynamic Rise International



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