ATTENTION Strugging Network Marketers:

Are You Making The Same FATAL Errors on Facebook That 98% of Network Marketers are Already Making?

Dear Friend,

Are you spending hours on Facebook and can’t ever sponsor anyone?
Are you SICK of prospecting friends and family, holding home meetings, and prospecting strangers?
Are you TIRED of the constant rejection and frustration?
They say hard work is a virtue...but my friend, you are working WAY TOO HARD!

You find yourself...

  • Inviting every ‘friend’ or ‘follower’ you have on Facebook to view your opportunity for no interest.
  • Spending exhausting hours posting about your business and products, even making ‘friends’ and messaging random people you know nothing about?
  • Spending all your time making calls, presenting in living rooms, demonstrating in coffee shops, and driving all around just to try to make a dollar.
  • Missing family moments, precious sleep, time with loved ones?
  • Constantly wasting money and time on leads that just don’t convert?
  • You’re working in your job and your network marketing business a combined total of 50, 60, 70+ hours every week but still not seeing the income that will allow you to break free.


It’s time to try a different way

Social media and Facebook can seem intimidating to many. You wonder, “Am I doing this right? Am I wasting my time? Am I really attracting people to my business?” I’ve seen people make a lot of mistakes when using Facebook that not only hurt their business but have given Network Marketing a bad name.  For example, have you ever directly offered your opportunity to others and gotten no response?  Do these comments look like spam to you?

(Hint: they ARE spam)

Finally Discover the Secrets to effectively attract and prospect new recruits with Facebook without appearing salesy or spammy or alienating your friends, family and followers!


My Product shares the same attraction marketing techniques (posts that create curiosity and attract people to you) that can achieve results like this:

“Julie’s never put together her ‘warm market list.’ Hasn’t made a single cold call. She didn’t struggle a day (which is unheard of in our business)… as a matter of fact… she had 45 people REACH OUT TO HER in the first 12 days of her network marketing career. And…
Made over $2,000 In the First Month”

That was just starting with Personal Facebook profle! I will show you to master that first. If you choose to build and brand yourself with a Facebook Fan Page, then you can get a huge following, ever expanding audience with the purpose of generating leads and sales. Look at the free reach I can achieve now:

Look at the ‘Likes’ I can achieve now:


In fact, what if I told you that implementing the skills to generate quality leads is as easy as following the instructions to a new cooking recipe. And the best part…

  • don’t have to chase family, friends, or neighbors
  • don’t have to make a single cold call
  • don’t have to drag anyone to hotel meetings
  • don’t have to feel like you’re pressuring anyone into joining your team
  • don’t need any prior network marketing experience to get results
  • don’t need to spend hours on Facebook posting about your business and products

Imagine How It Would Feel To Have Plenty of Prospects Coming To You Every Day and Never Have To Talk To Disinterested Prospects Ever Again...Imagine having the ability to sift, sort, keep or throw away and CHERRY PICK AND CHOOSE who you want to work with!

Better still, after you’ve achieved success, what if you could easily duplicate this with team members to grow your expanding team?

Imagine Arriving Anywhere And Being Able To Show Others How To Build A Powerful Team of Local Distributors That Will Help Grow Your Business and Theirs?

Are you pumped to get started right now?


Well, now you can too!

I found a way of building that actually turned my networking business into a HOME business (i.e. build while at home) by using the power of the internet. The good news is it doesn’t involve listening to many webinars and courses and spending hours to learn like I did. I was where you were, unsure of how to build my business using Facebook and social media. From all i’ve learned and applied to my own success, i’ve summarised and distilled this into this easy to follow and implement guide.

FROM: John and Lydia Stanley
SUBJECT: Facebook Magic Formula - The Proven Blueprint to Skyrocket Your Facebook Attraction and Sponsor People with Ease in Network Marketing.

How to use Facebook to put an end to rejection and frustration, and sponsor people with ease.

Facebook Magic Formula reveals, step-by-step, the best practices of how to be “social” on social media to attract and find those quality leads.

But what good is a lead or someone interested in your post if you can’t close? This all-inclusive guide will also provide the resources and tricks of the trade to turn your Facebook cold leads into loyal customers and business partners.

And there’s no need to feel overwhelmed...these easy to implement methods will work for you whether you’re a network marketing rookie or an MLM veteran.

We are a married team in our company.  Like you, we did everything our uplines and the company trainings said we should do. But after about 5 years of failing and not earning enough, we finally reached a point where we thought — we’ll lets just go back to doing only our jobs. Shudder to that thought! we took a completely different approach to the profession and particularly Facebook and that changed everything. Fast forward to now….we’ve created a hefty residual income, easy recruiting and sponsored 70% of our downline through Facebook. Let John share with you what he finally figured out…and the easy steps you need to implement.

This system works, is easy to follow and you can easily duplicate success with team members to grow their businesses and your expanding empire. Facebook is not new, but everyone is on it. This system is a totally different mindset between personal use and marketing use.

If you want to master how to use Facebook in your Network Marketing business, this product is for you!

Facebook and social media can grow your business to new heights when utilised properly. So, don’t worry. I’m going to guide you through the steps to integrate this platform into your business so that you can attract more customers and distributors to your opportunity and show your team how to do the same.


  • Ways to create value on Facebook
  • First impressions count - get your profile right
  • How to attract the PERFECT prospect using posts that will engage the RIGHT audience and how to stay away from the ONE type of post that will certainly drive away your prospects
  • How to wisely spend your time on Facebook
  • The best way to build business relationships with anyone on Facebook without sounding like a desperate or pushy salesperson
  • Create a positive brand about yourself, your business and attract people
  • How to create a level of curiosity that will encourage people to reach out to you and ask you for more information about your opportunity or products
  • how to connect to more like minded people using Facebook
  • Continually grow your prospect list
  • Introduce yourself to new people
  • Build and strengthen relationships you have with old friends, fans and followers
  • Expand your reach beyond your neighbourhood, city, or country
  • Take 100% control of lead generation and your business - the essential steps to effortlessly start a relationship and attract your new network marketing prospect
  • How and where to find your ideal prospects, uncover their hidden fears and desires, so you convert better and make more sales
  • No more suffering, chasing, pestering and cold calling insanity
  • Generate as many leads as you have time for
  • Be viewed as a RESPECTED professional
  • Become a TOP recruiter in your company
  • Duplicate success with team members to grow their businesses and your expanding empire

Facebook Magic Formula is the SOLUTION to the biggest problem every network marketer and where to consistently find people and recruit...and do it WITHOUT the resistance or rejection.


"John! You knocked it out of the park with this! Finally a clear, concise strategy that demystifies Facebook and allows network marketers to begin getting targeted leads for their business right away. I always knew the power of Facebook, unfortunately, like many others I know, I got lost in the weeds and never made enough progress to get results. I can honestly say that if I found Facebook Magic Formula earlier it would have saved me well over $1,000 in Facebook training courses that somehow left me spinning my wheels each time. The value in this eBook is unmatched and will put even the newest person to the most seasoned of veterans on the path to mastering the platform. Thank you John! Highly recommended!"

Paul F.
Paul F. Massachusetts, USA

"Finally! A step by step way to figure out how to use Facebook as an asset for my network marketing business! The action steps required take much less time than I expected. Just one hour a day of implementing what John suggests? I'll definitely take that rather than hounding the rest of my warm market to the point of being unfriended both in Facebook and real life! The detail and value that John provides in this eBook is amazing and it is definitely something that everyone should read!"

Rachel J.
Rachel J. Denver, Colorado, USA

"WOW I am so happy to have this resource! I have been struggling with promoting my MLM through social media, and now I have a step-by-step guide to help me break out of the slump I've been in!! I am ready to watch my business grow with just one hour a day. I can't even believe how easy this system is!! Thank you John for this book!"

Sommer C.
Sommer C. Indianapolis, USA

“At long last the search is over! I've read a lot of 'branding' formulas by 'gurus' who merely teach you how to ultimately get yourself blocked...John being the facts and detailed person ... literally details step by step on branding without being a fake on social media and teaching you social media etiquette, without being a moral high-horse jockey. Aside from this ebook being a tool, John also suggests what tools can be used to achieve your objectives...THIS IS GOLD for GOALS”

Reza H.
Reza H. Perth, Australia


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