Mastering How to Build a Network Marketing Business Online Can Be Hard – Follow These Network Marketing Success Secrets to get started right to build authentically, without being salesy or bugging friends and family anymore!

The challenge: HOW TO build network marketing business online. 

HOW TO build network marketing business online
HOW TO build network marketing business online – Getting Started

The solution: These network marketing tips for beginners are proven online network marketing success secrets that will tell you:

  • How to generate leads for network marketing business;
  • how to build network marketing business online;
  • How to start network marketing business online – the right way; and
  • how to succeed in network marketing fast. 

Do You Need Qualified Prospects?

Are you sick of prospecting friends and family, doing home meetings, prospecting strangers, or being accused of doing some “pyramid thing”…?

Are you tired of the constant rejection and frustration?  Maybe you just want to learn how to start network marketing business online if the old school methods and driving all over the place to get to meetings is eating into your family time?

Then you’re ready to build your network marketing business online, the right way. With so much information out there you might struggle to get started?

Like many, I started network marketing the traditional way, mainly face to face and it was hard.  It’s a great way to build up your key skills, sure it was hard and most importantly, people joining your team don’t like doing things that are arduous and don’t work.

After years of coaching and searching for a better way and I found websites of people who built their network marketing empire almost completely online. This began my journey into Online Network Marketing. I was saved.

Now, if you want to build your network marketing business online, here’s what you need to know…

Firstly, the benefits are MASSIVE!

  • You can generate new, qualified leads whenever you please
  • You save time and can end rejection by only talking to people who are extremely interested in your offer
  • You don’t need to drive long hours, your startup costs are low, and your business works for you 24/7—without calling people on the phone!

The best part is that you need not be an online geek or good with computers to get started.

There are three steps required to take your business online, starting with…

1. Mindset success mindset

First point on mindset: why are you going to the internet?

MOST people go to the internet thinking, “I’ve been trying this offline but I just don’t like talking to people. I will try online.”  So they go to the internet out of weakness.  They DON’T master their listening skills, recruiting skills, and their closing skills.  Yet, these are critical skills that are required to be successful in network marketing.

Here’s the truth.  You can build a network marketing business online or offline.  You can’t do it without talking to people on a call.

If you are someone that’s wondering, “How do I build a huge team and never have to talk to anyone?”, then you’re not looking for network marketing.

You may be looking for affiliate marketing, possibly selling products, drop shipping, or having an online store selling stuff, or something like that.  If you just don’t like talking to other people or if you don’t want to spend time with people, then network marketing isn’t your pathway.

Now, if you’re shy or nervous, if you’re an introvert you can always improve that.  There are heaps of introverted or shy people who’ve created massive success in network marketing. It’s a powerful story to overcome these self-doubts.  

So you still need to learn how to talk to people to grow your business online.  

Second point is to visualise.  Key book Think and Grow Rich will help you here.  See yourself as recruiting and duplicating online.  Think about how you will use online to grow your business starting on Social Media.  Later this can include a website and a blog. There will be days when you don’t feel like it.  But always remember…WHY are you doing this?

Third point is expectations for the journey online.

There are many different thoughts and attitudes as far as personal development and mindset goes. But let me get practical here.

Firstly, you should expect the unknown.  Here I mean, you need to be present and respect the journey.

Know you will not learn everything you need in one sitting or one shortcut, it’s a process.  So I break this it up into this post “Getting Started” and “Going Professional”.  When you go online, you’re learning a whole new skill set.  Almost a new profession! and there is a learning curve.

You’ve been learning “how to do” your Network Marketing company right?  Well consider it like learning a new profession on top of that.

So when you learn a new profession, what do you usually do?

You go to school or higher education for four years right?. Thank goodness, we will not have you do that, and we want to do it much quicker than four years.

However, if there was a school of building a business online, it would probably take a few months part-time to get through all the coursework.  So be prepared f