Facebook MLM recruiting Can Be Hard – Follow These Network Marketing Recruiting Tips to get started right to build authentically, without spamming, being salesy or bugging friends and family anymore!

The challenge: HOW TO build MLM on Facebook.

The solution: These MLM recruiting tips to build MLM using Facebook, are proven MLM recruiting secrets that will tell you:

  • How to generate leads for network marketing;
  • How to do Facebook MLM recruiting without losing friends;
  • How to do Facebook MLM recruiting – the right way; and
  • How to recruit for network marketing using Facebook authentically

If you are currently using Facebook to recruit people into your network marketing business, this blog post can prevent you from wasting valuable time.  I want to explain how you should do Facebook MLM Recruiting to build your network marketing business the right way.

Facebook has something like 2 Billion users so it’s a massive channel to grow your contact list and your MLM business.

Success in MLM is really about finding the right prospects for your products and business opportunity. Finding people you can connect with and (ultimately) introduce to your opportunity.

Facebook has a giant supply of people. So you need to know the right way for using Facebook for network marketing.

Why Do People Use Facebook?

The first thing you have to understand about Facebook. People are NOT going on Facebook planning to be sold to.

They are there to be entertained. How to build network marketing business online social media

People go to Facebook because they’re bored and they want stuff to entertain them, to make them laugh and sometimes to make them think.

Or, they are using it to connect with friends and family.

People don’t go to Facebook looking for advertisements. They don’t look for business opportunities.

The key point here is Facebook is designed to bring people together in a social setting, NOT a business setting.

Therefore, if you try to sell your opportunity straight away they will ignore you or unfriend you.

Facebook MLM Recruiting – How To Do It Wrong

When I see people trying to promote or recruit for their network marketing on Facebook, I often see them make the same critical mistakes. Most network marketers are spending countless hours on futile and ineffective strategies on Facebook (with little or no success!).

By “futile and ineffective strategies” I mean repeatedly pitch your company and products with every post or message. Like these:

  • Regularly posting images and videos about the “incredible” product or company you promote.
  • Sending friend requests to complete strangers that look like good prospects and then instantly pitching them on your opportunity as soon as they accept.
  • Marketing your business opportunity or selling their affiliate products, or whatever.
  • Spamming Facebook groups with copied-and-pasted messages.

Do these make you cringe? MLM spam

I know all of them because when starting out I used them all, and with NO RESULTS.

The truth about Facebook MLM recruiting is that no one goes onto Facebook wanting to get pitched or even to see an MLM opportunity. So making that the first and only thing you do to people will only put people off. People will only join people they know, like and trust. Telling someone directly how great your company and its products are…doesn’t exactly help to make them know, like or trust you!

Facebook MLM Recruiting – The Right Mindset

People are never going to be interested in joining your company, but if they get to know, like, and trust you, they WILL be interested in joining YOU. Think about it…your company has thousands of distributors.  Every distributor is offering the exact same product and compensation plan. So what is the difference if they join you versus someone else? If all you’re doing is promoting your company and its products, there is no difference – you’re just the same as the next person trying to sell them on something.

So you need to make your Facebook presence about YOU.

Facebook MLM Recruiting – It’s All About YOU

Network Marketing is a relationship business. It always has been and it always will be. You didn’t join your company because you suddenly decided one day “Hey I want to join the best MLM company with the best products and the best compensation plan!”, and then went searching for it.

You joined your company because someone you know, like, and trust asked you to join. If that same person had presented you with a different company that also had the best products and compensation plan, you probably would have joined that one too.

Recruiting MLM leads on Facebook works the same way. No one is on Facebook to search for the best Network Marketing company so they can join it. But if they do happen to meet someone on Facebook and they get to know, like, and trust them, THEN they could be open to looking at and joining that person’s MLM opportunity.

MLM Facebook Recruiting – How To Do it the Right Way

So with Network Marketing on Facebook, you need to focus most of your energy on building the relationship. Because without that, you will NEVER get people to know, like and trust you.  So you will never get the sale or the sign-up. This is the part about MLM Facebook recruiting that a lot of “experts” miss or gloss over, but it is really the MOST important part.

Building Your Warm Market Audience on Facebook

Really, the key to success with Network Marketing on Facebook is building a targeted warm audience – filling your friends list with ambitious people, influential people, potential entrepreneurs, high-achievers, etc.

Were you like many others who joined Network Marketing thinking that everyone we talked to was going to buy and join just for us?  Did you only then figure out that your warm market are not interested?

Well…Facebook gives you an amazing opportunity to build a NEW warm market very quickly and fill it with the most ambitious people on the internet. Would this help your business?

Finding The Right People

So where do you find all of these awesome people?

The easiest way to find them is by searching through Facebook Groups.


So here are the basics of how to successfully do your MLM Facebook recruiting…

1) Find people who have similar interests as you. So you can join Facebook Groups which interest you.