• Welcome! Here's what to do next....

STEP 1: Schedule a Strategy Session in my calendar!

STEP 2: Download Skype

I recommend using a laptop for your Strategy Session(s). You can download Skype using 1 of the 2 links provided below. Stay tuned for your welcome email from me. I have attached a VERY IMPORTANT document that You MUST fill out before we can begin our Skype call so be on the lookout for that.

Make sure you send out a contact request with your Skype ID to the Skype ID I provided. If you have any questions about setting up Skype, you can email support at support@paulfaria.com and we'll help you get set up properly.

My Skype ID: john.stanley09

Download Links:     For MAC     |     For PC     |     For Mobile

STEP 3: Get Your Downloads and Stay Tuned....

Also, now would be a great time to dive into "Facebook Magic Formula" eBook and Bonuses, particularly "Facebook Recruiting Cheat sheet" AND started implementing these.
Yes, start implementing these and Do NOT get lost in the weeds!

By this I mean, do not get lost in every tiny detail. Follow the steps, get your profile right, plan your content, plan your one hour per day and lock it into your calendar — then focus and be consistent. You’d be amazed what this consistency what you can achieve.

We have the chance to make some SERIOUS progress in our Strategy Sessions (which we'll do anyway) but it can progress at a faster rate with a deeper understanding of the material we'll cover. It's not mandatory to read or implement before our call, but it would certainly help for you to have that background information beforehand (it will make things go ALOT smoother and value adding for you and also give you the opportunity to ask questions on the content).

I can't tell you how excited I am to FINALLY Meet you. I really do feel that, because you're here, it's been a VERY long time coming. Can't wait to begin our journey together!


John Stanley

P.S. Be on the lookout in your email for a welcome message from me. If you don't see it in a few minutes, check your "Promotions" tab or Spam folder to see if it slipped in there!

Talk soon!


Welcome to the “Facebook Magic Formula” Success Community.  My name is John Stanley and I will be taking you through the Strategy Session(s) you have wisely chosen.  Make sure you book on the calendar Monday through Saturday during the hours outlined for each business day. Without doing this we won't be able to go through our coaching and training program.

About Skype

You'll be able to ask me questions through the messenger or email throughout your training! I recommend using a laptop for our sessions.